Juice....Juice and more juice October 10 2013, 1 Comment

Lets start the day with a juice of the day......something green and something easy, 2 carrots, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 bunch of parsley and 2 green apples, wash everything and juice on!!!!

ok, now we are ready to take on the day, feeling the vibrancy of all those nutrients flowing through our cells, oh yeah!!! There is nothing that is going to come our way today that is going to shake this incredible feeling of nourishment and vibrancy, except maybe a second green juice later in the day :)

Living vibrantly, living in fullness of our highest self, my teacher Yogi Bhajan use to say it was our birthright to get high, we can choose to use drugs, alcohol and other mind altering substances or we can get high on our breath, our prana, I would like to add something to that, the foods that we ingest also can bring us that altered state, the energetic surge we feel when we drink and organic green juice, feeling all the sun's energy flowing through our body, taking in all the natural resources that the planet has to offer us, from this experience we then begin to find our connectedness to the planet through the food, taking a step further we then find the connection to each other, the human dynamics. Food is the greatest conduit to each other, finding its way into all of our lives, we must make sure we all have access to good healthy foods, no human being on the planet should be deprived good food........our health care system would be in a much better place, if we made healthy food a priority, keeping all healthy, happy and holy.