NEW YEARS 2015-2016

Release and Recharge New Years 2015-16, and exploration into the process of letting go of all that we have carried with us from this past year, and stepping into the new, the place where we can take all that the past has provided for us, let it flow through us, around us and out of us, so that we can step into our highest levels of consciousness to then be able to serve the planet, each other, ourselves and make a difference, we will explore the ideas of how to make a living and make a difference, how to be me in the "age of Aquarius" to set the intentions and manifest for ourselves and the higher purposes of humanity. This is going to be an amazing journey, a journey that we must all take, the journey into self awakening and awareness, in community, in love, celebrating all

love. Shivanter.

Daily schedule will be as follows: 

Vegetable broth with coconut oil ready at 5A.M. for consumption before morning exploration, also hot water and lemon will be accessible. 2 mornings we will do stand up paddle board meditations, heading  out on to the vast blue ocean from the Nosara River, this experience will be perfect for all, no level of previous stand up paddle boarding needed. 

Morning exploration:

5:30am Beach - Honoring the Divine. Yoga, meditation, breath work, walking, two mornings we will do a stand up paddle board meditation, starting out on the river and enter into the sacred waters of the divine mother.

7:30am Morning Juice - Daily check in, group gathering, time to connect, practice non-violent communications skills, active listening. 8:30am Morning Smoothie

9:00am - Movement and Physical Exploration Finding the needs of your body, stepping into the space of honoring yourself and your needs within the container of the sacred space.

10:00am - Yoga, meditation, breath work, this practice will be created out of kundalini yoga, self awakening yoga, restorative yoga and yin yoga.

11:30 Brunch Vegan High vibe offering, with #2 Juice of the day. Sample menu: Raw chilled cucumber - avocado gazpacho, robust garden salad with turmeric salad dressing, chia seed pudding and walnuts, chilled brewed detox tea.

2:00pm Afternoon Lecture Cooking class, focusing on high vibe healthy life style choices.

3:00-5:3pm -  Recharge & Reconnect to your soul Wednesday the entire will be free so you can experience Costa Rica and the amazing culture.

5:30- 6:15pm Sunset Gathering poolside to honor the setting of the sun, and breathing into all that the day has provided for us, daily gratitude practice.

6:30-Dinner Evenings will be open to organic experiences with everything from music, films, discussions or just hanging out and chatting.