We are a complete management system . . .

Our purpose is to create an environment for teachers and their students that is completely in alignment with their teachings and practices. We take all of the administration elements of creating a teaching environment and hold them in a genuine and authentic container, allowing the teacher and their students to have the deepest experience possible as they do their work.

What we do :

  • We handle all of the reservation and lodging logistics
  • We handle all of the production needs for the retreat, I.e. yoga mats, whiteboards, sound systems, projectors, whatever you may need to support your retreat.
  • We handle all of the food needs, either by working with the center of choices staff or bringing in culinary specialists that focus on raw/vegan/vegetarian offerings, along with cold pressed juicing offerings and special diet needs.
  • We will coordinate all of the “on the ground” needs, i.e. transports to and from airports (transport fees are separate pricing), check in’s at your retreat center, welcoming staff to answer any and all questions.
  • We will handle making sure that all excursions and extra activities that you might want to add to your experience are handled and professionally executed.
  • We  hold all “earth plane”repsonsiblites” allowing the teacher and students to open up to the universe and go as deeply as one chooses into there retreat.


“ We are here to serve. ”